At Palmers Cross we are very proud to have strong links with the community.

Diversity Event

November 2017

As a Trust, we are dedicated to working together and promoting all of our achievements. This year Palmers Cross, Edward the Elder and Elston Hall Primary School joined together to take part in Wolverhampton City's Diversity event. Boys, girls and staff from all three schools spent the weeks leading up to the event, working hard to create a stunning dance which they performed on stage at the Civic Theatre, along-side many other schools from across the city. This was the 30th year this event has been part of Wolverhampton's city calendar, it challenges schools to use the creative arts to celebrate the strength of diversity in our city.

We are so proud of their fantastic performance!

Harvest 2017

Year 5 hosted a fantastic Harvest assembly this year.

All the kind donations received from friends and families of Palmers Cross were donated to the Good Shepherd in Wolverhampton.

Thank you to everybody for their continued support.


Summer Fayre 2017

Friends and Families of Palmers Cross, helped to support us in our Summer Fayre. We raised money towards new playground equipment whilst have a lovely evening of fun together.



Dog Trust 2017

Dog Trust returned to Palmers Cross this year, and this time with the dog.

The children had a lovely morning learning about looking after a dog correctly, and engaging in some doggy maths!


EYFS Sporting Festival 2017

Pupils from Aldersley High School, came into school to host a sports festival for children in the Early Years. The children had a fantastic time, and some even won awards for their hard work.



Water Safety 2017

Pupils at Palmers Cross engaged in a water safety assembly reminding them of the important of remaining safe around water.

Disability Awareness

The children at Palmers Cross took part in a disability awareness assembly.

They were able to experience what life may be like for those around us with disabilities.

A dog is for life!

Dog Trust joined Palmers Cross to share with the children their ideas on looking after dogs.