June 2019

We had a fantastic as Palmers Cross turned into Hogwarts for our Harry Potter week! We kick started our week with a traditional Hogwarts's sorting hat ceremony, and then made our wands ready for the magic of science to begin. Children had a lovely time making potions, growing gummy bear, learning about owls, making model Hogwarts, creating hovering wizard hats and sending secret messages. We even had fun cooking cakes, chocolate frogs and making our very own butter beer.



Year 5 have loved this weeks theme. They have enjoyed converting wizard money to muggle money and working out the cost of wizard items in Maths. In English, we have acted out a part of Harry Potter,  planned and have written their own play scripts. Finally, in Science they have created their own Hogwarts out of junk modelling, that needed to include: a catapult, a swimming pool and a working drawbridge. The castle also needed to be earthquake proof. 






Class four had a very exciting and very sticky day today! We have made foamy troll toothpaste and Butter Beer slime! 


Class 3 have been getting stuck in to their Science Week learning. They enjoyed starting the week off by creating their own wands. Their latest task was to create giant gummy bears for Honeyduke's Sweet Shop. They even wrote a set of instructions so that others can make their own giant gummy bears.'



Class 3 enjoyed learning about how chocolate changes when it solidifies after it has been melted. Our favourite part was testing that it tasted the same!


Class 3 finished Science Week by exploring how they could make a CD hover. They worked really well as a team and we even managed to race our hovering CDs.