September 2019


Class 4 had a fantastic time exploring under the sea using virtual reality (VR) googles. We saw the different layers of the ocean and the animals that had adapted to live in each zone. 



Class 2 have had a very exciting start back to the term learning all about our new topic 'Up Up and Away'. We had a strange crash landing in our classroom so we did some investigating and followed clues to find that Russell from Up had landed in our school! Since then we’ve been learning all about flight, we have also been researching hot air balloons using search engines.
Class 7 have been on a number hunt around school.
Year 3 have been working well together in teams to think of ideas for our 'Class Charter'.
Class 3 are learning how to use a 'safe' search engine to find out about how humans survived during an ice age.

Class 4 were very excited to meet our new friends in class today. We have decided to call them Bubble and Squeak. 

Class 5 have started their journey into space travel by researching existing rockets and the Apollo Program, generating ideas, planning and making their own paper rocket. What a space-tastic start!



 In Maths we have started off the year by looking at place value. 

Class 5 have started their new Science topic of forces. They have started the year off looking at measuring forces in newtons. 


Class 5 had a space-tastic time using virtual reality to look at the different planets, the moon landing and the Milky Way Galaxy.