Hello folks – I do hope all our families are managing to stay well and keep safe.

You will have listened to and seen the discussions based on the potential return to school for certain Year Groups, planned by the Government for the 1 June. You will have your own view on this which is quite right.

As a school however we have a responsibility to look at the Government requirements and plan accordingly – you can imagine that with so much to consider it is no easy task. Such is the importance of this individual Heads of School will be contacting all families later this week to outline the plans for a return to school for certain year groups from 1 June. The letter from them will refer to your own school as there are many differences to consider; numbers of children, Groups for attendance, school layout etc…

It may help your planning however if I outline the overall arrangements that will be shared across the Trust;
For Year 6, Year 1 and Reception we will be splitting classes in half. Fifteen children from each class will attend on Monday and Tuesday and the other fifteen children will attend on Thursday and Friday - Wednesday will be a deeper cleaning day.

From the 1 June and 4 June Year 6 and Reception children will return to school and continue each week.

From 8 and 11 of June they will be joined by Year 1.

Arrangements for a return of Nursery children will be considered over the next few weeks, as you might imagine there are likely to be whole raft of additional issues for children so young.

You will have lots of questions that we feel confident will be answered when you receive the detail in later in the week and when this is also published on school websites. 

Kevin Grayson