March 2018

Year 5 and 6 went on an exciting trip the NEC's Big Bang Science Fair. It was a busy day and a lot of fun was had ranging from speed tunnels racing against Usain Bolt, to RAF planes. We went around the fair in small groups so we were able to take part in all the activities they had to offer. Some Year 6's even got the chance to make a vehicle, where as some Year 5's got their heart and brain function measured.  






After 7 weeks of learning to play the Cornet and Baritone, class 3 enjoyed  their music concert to mark the end of their lessons. They have thoroughly enjoyed learning to play these brass instruments and look forward to begin playing the Djembe drum next term. Thanks to all parents who joined us for this musical morning. 



Milk must be ordered and paid for by Monday 26th March.

March 2018

The winners of our Big Battery Hunt have been announced.
Congratulations to Class 2 who recycled the most batteries and have earned an extra playtime, and to Kornelia who recycled the most batteries and won her very own science kit.
A recycling bin for batteries will remain in school, so if you do have any batteries that need recycling, please send them into school with your child.
Thank you for your continued support.

Eco Committee was announced today - well done!

Friday 9th March

On a cold, windy Friday night after school Palmers Cross football team went to Warstones.  It was a tough game and the boys played really well as a team.  We scored two quick goals and went 2:0 up. The second half was a battle with Warstones scoring just after half time.  The final score was a deserving 2:1 victory. Well done boys!

Could you please complete and return the parent view questionnaire as soon as possible please. 

All information collected will be taken into account as we plan further improvements and developments to the school. 

Thank you.


Belle, Alice in Wonderland, several Harry Potters and even the Mad Hatter made an appearance at Palmers Cross Primary School during our World Book Day!

The children celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as their favourite book character and joining in with different book related activities.


The children in Year 2 worked with their moms to create a beautiful photo frame.

Mother's Day Celebrations in Reception



Please click on the link for information about purchasing milk for the summer term.

Summer Milk Letter

Four children in Year 6 attended the Lego competition at RAF Cosford! During the full and fun packed day the children had to build a robot for their first task , which had to have an attachment that allowed it to carry a cup of water over a circuit that was already set out,  and each person in the group was observed on their input to the project. During the afternoon and their second task, they had to create a robot that would be good at playing football. After playing many teams, they reached the final and were runners up. The teams were being observed over the day for teamwork, speed, ideas and completing the tasks. When they had finally gathered all the marks at the end of a fun packed day, Palmers Cross Primary were announced the winners.

Well done, we are very proud of you!