March 2020

Year 2 had so much fun dressing up in their costumes for world book day today.


Nursery celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as some of their favourite characters.

Class 3 dressed in some amazing costumes and enjoyed talking about the characters that they were dressed as.


Class 2 also had a lovely time sharing their reading and writing with reception.


Some super costumes in Year 4!

Year 6 enjoying reading!


February 2020

The children have had a brilliant week learning about Iceland. They have learnt what a volcano is and built their own active volcano. They have also created the Aurora Borealis (northern lights) using ice painting and other media. We have also learnt about how animals can survive in cold climates due to their extra layers of fat and fur.







February 2020

Children had fun mixing ingredients and flipping their pancakes!

We went on a walk after the stormy weather to see what had changed or stayed the same. Then, we collected items blown down to create a den, and planted a branch which children  created decorations for to brighten up our room.


We learnt about instrument names and what they sound like.

February 2020

Today Class 7 went on a scavenger hunt around school. The clues led up back to our sand pit and hiding inside it was PETER RABBIT! Peter Rabbit has come to Palmers Cross for our Spring 2 topic ‘The Adventures of Peter Rabbit’. Class 7 have made Peter Rabbit his very own house, bed and food/water bowls. Everyone is very excited for Peter Rabbit’s stay!




February 2020 

We hope you have had an enjoyable half term despite the weather! We look forward to seeing the children safely back in school on Monday 24th February.

February 2020

Class 3 impressed everybody with what they have learned about the recorder. They demonstrated their ability to accompany a piece of music using the three different notes that they have been taught. Well done to everybody involved.


February 2020

The children had a fantastic Australia day in Reception. They used their senses to complete bush tucker trails including taste tests, smell tests and feely boxes. They also learnt about aboriginal art and had a go at their own. We finished our day with a Aussie BBQ.






January 2020

Class 5 had a great time orally presenting a news broadcast.



Class 5 have enjoyed dissecting a lily. They managed to find the female and male parts.


We had fun looking at how tectonic plates work.



January 2020

Class 1 had an amazing morning with their parents getting active with warm up games and then working in teams to score points. It was great fun for all and competition was high but the children showed fantastic sportsmanship throughout the morning. They represented our school amazingly! Well done Class 1!



Year 4 enjoying P.E with their parents.


January 2020

Thank you to parents and carers who attended the phonics meeting.

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